Who we are

Brains that come together to improve the present and ensure our tomorrow on a daily basis.


The future is ON.

Together, we turn integration into solutions for the world.

iUP is the energy and innovation hub from IBP (Brazilian Petroleum and Gas Institute).

Our proposal consists in creating connections in the technology and innovation field, attracting young talents and students to the Oil & Gas sector. In addition, we aim at promoting actions and new attitudes to put Brazil on the map as a worldwide reference.



The process of building a new future involves the energy sector, and the oil and gas industry plays a key role in this transformation. Decarbonization and reduction of gas emissions and offshore wind energy are some of our key points of discussion and implementation.


This is what will especially transport us to new realities. Whether through the unprecedented combination of already existing solutions, or the invention of new technologies, now is the time to invest in research, development and experimentation, as well as coordinated action.


The more diverse the sources of ideas, the more complementary and comprehensive the solutions. As a fundamental point for growth and innovation, Diversity & Inclusion is consolidated as a strategic tool to open the eyes of partners, provoke new points of view and enrich our collaborative process.


Facing challenges the size of the world and making our organizations increasingly sustainable and disruptive would not be possible without the progress of the digital revolution in recent years. And this is only the beginning. Our future is ON.

Give ideas an iUP.

Give solutions an iUP.

Hereby we address topics regarding energy, sustainable development, business and operational excellence. We discuss brand new solutions and renewable sources. We exchange experiences and expectations to ensure a more productive and conscious present and a better tomorrow for everyone. Collaborative thinking is what connects us and moves the planet forward.

Our future is smart & collaborative.

More than ever, the energy comes from ideas, discussion groups and shared information. Our integrated actions are powerful enough to take us to new places and reach the future we desire.

IBP and iUP

Our hub is an initiative created by IBP, but spearheaded by many others. We bring together entrepreneurs, multinationals, universities and other important players to make a difference in society and the planet. And we really want to do it pragmatically and always side by side.


We are the positive energy of ideas.

We seek the unknown, the evolution, the technology. We design Industry 4.0 and vibrate towards the perfect transition, transforming motivation into solutions along the way.

Here we accelerate opportunities, take on challenges and update the future.

A future that is validated with every idea in the Oil & Gas sector and makes the world go round.

We are a hub of multiple talents with combined expertise.

We are a hub of multiple brains who come together to improve the present and ensure our tomorrow on a daily basis.