Inovathon iUP

A student competition to discover the most brilliant and innovative ideas.

What is it?

Inovathon iUP is a student competition promoted by iUP, which seeks to develop innovative ideas within the theme chosen for the edition in place.

The main goal of this competition consists in promoting the role of students in the Oil & Gas industry, through contacts and mentoring from company experts within the sector.

Theme: low level of complexity and expected delivery in the ideation phase.


There will be a selection of 20 students: the group will be divided into 5 teams and given 2 months to develop their ideas.

INOVATHON iUP seeks to discover innovative solutions with the power of impacting society and promoting open and collaborative innovation.

The competition reinforces the Oil and Gas industry’s commitment to investing in technology and innovation.

For what?

To draw young talents into the industry and develop solutions suitable for the market.

The current theme of INOVATHON iUP is “Integrated Solutions for Decarbonization”: we are seeking ideas addressing the specific challenges faced by the industry regarding the decarbonization of its processes.

Included in the annual fee.

2023 Program Registration Closed